Vacation in Malta: Your Covid19 safe destination

After months of uncertainty due to the Covid19 situation, Summer is finally here and Covid19 cases have diminished in most European countries. This means that it’s the right time to plan your next holiday. And why do we recommend Valletta and Malta? Well, European authorities have just confirmed that Malta is one of the safest countries to travel to. In other words, Malta is Covid19 safe, making it the ideal vacation destination!

A holiday to Malta can offer memorable experiences. If you are looking to explore the islands’ history, you may opt for a tour of the magnificent St. John Co-Cathedral in Valletta or Europe’s oldest Neolithic temple structures of Hagar Qim and Ggantija, Gozo. If you feel lazy, spend some time while enjoying the breath-taking views of the Grand Harbour from Valletta’s Upper and Lower Barrakkas while sipping a refreshing beverage under the trees of these beautiful gardens. For the more adventurous ones, spend a day at one of Malta’s sandy beaches doing different water sport activities which can be an awesome experience for the young-at-heart. And when the sun sets, visit one of Valletta’s unique restaurants, including some Michelin Star ones, and taste Malta’s excellent cuisine. A holiday to Malta offers an array of activities in a Covid19 free environment.

Businesses in Malta have all reopened, albeit with special health and social distancing measures requirements. The easing of restrictions by the Maltese authorities correspond with the actions undertaken by other European governments. The actions taken by the Maltese government made sure to keep the number of Covid19 cases low, making the Maltese islands a safe spot to enjoy your next holiday.

What’s next? Keep following our website as from time to time we’ll be updating you with more unique experiences that can be enjoyed while staying in Valletta.


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